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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary: 6 years of wedded bliss! : )

This Sunday marks six years of happily married life for Steve and I! Sometimes, it feels like it can't have been six years but when I start thinking about all the changes that have occurred in our lives, then six years sounds right. It's hard for me to believe I've lived in Jax for 6 years though! Or that I'm 36 years old for that matter (but that's a topic that could fill a whole other blog entry -haha)!

Our good friend, Dana, is coming over today for a marathon babysitting session - which is so very, very nice of her - and Steve and I are looking forward to some time to ourselves to enjoy one another's company and get out for a dinner alone. This will be the first time Steve and I have been out for a "date" since Viv was born, which may be a bit overdue but it's hard to find someone you trust to watch an infant (and who is not scared to do it either). Thank heavens for Dana!

In my last post I wrote about needing to make some new friendships and get out of the house, and so far I've met some great moms and have gotten out a couple of times with a gal that lives here in my neighborhood (and has put an offer on a house for sale on my block - how cool would that be?!) for some stroller walks and it's really been nice! I'm planning to meet up with a few other moms that I've just been chatting with online but I think this may be the beginning of a good change for me. Thanks to all for putting up with my vent session. :-)

Steve is keeping busy with work and is looking forward to the Gator football season beginning in September. He cracks me up - just this morning he told me, with great excitement mind you, that we now have several new channels available in our television line-up. He then went to say that they are all "NFL" and college football channels. I can tell already that I will be a football widow once again this fall and winter. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy football too - but just not to the extent that Steve does and I'm always happy when the college bowl games and the Super Bowl are over. We'll be making several trips to Gainesville for Gator games this fall (our annual pilgrimage, as I refer to it) so that's always a plus to football season that makes it all a bit more bearable.

I'm looking forward to October/November/December this year - I have a trip scheduled to see my sister, Helene, and her family in October (Vivi's first plane ride - wish me luck!!), then all of my immediate family will be together for Thanksgiving in Florida this year (doesn't happen very often), and it's my niece, Eliora's, first birthday that month too and Vivienne & Eliora's first Thanksgiving, and then December brings my birthday and Vivienne's first Christmas! Oh, and how could I forget to mention that October or November usually bring cooler temperatures and it's not unbearable to spend time outdoors in the middle of the day so I'll be able to get out and about with Vivi a little more. Yeah!

Hope you all have as good of a weekend as Steve and I plan to! I'll post pics of Vivi at 5 months next week - she's getting so big! Love to all!!

2 comments on "Happy Anniversary: 6 years of wedded bliss! : )"

Helene Singer on August 15, 2009 at 10:21 AM said...

Happy Anniversary! Oh and this will be Eliora's second Thanksgiving - she came home from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving last year. How could you forget the 19 pound turkey Mom made for TDay? Eliora still doesn't weigh as much as that turkey did. xoxo Can't wait for October!

Matt and Sarah on August 19, 2009 at 6:40 PM said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Matt & I are missing you guys so it is good to read your blog and hear how you are doing! Matt will be at the Sept 12th game and I am sure would love to see you guys. He says that he will be the semi-drunk guy in the orange/blue T-shirt so keeep your eyes open for him (and please keep him out of trouble for me!) Anyways, hope all is well with you all and much love from Alabama!


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