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Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainy Days

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I'm appreciating the rain today and how it slows my life down and gives me pause to notice things around me. Whether that be reflecting on people in my life and how grateful I am for them, or taking a moment to sit and work on my "to-do" list. In my quiet time today, I was reminded that I have a blog (even though I often go through long spells of using it) and felt inspired to update it on just what's new with this little Harris family of ours.

So, Tampa is lovely and we are very content here. Even more so than I had anticipated or hoped for when we first decided to move from Jacksonville. We were so happy with our house, neighborhood, friends, church home and community that I couldn't imagine being any happier in another city. But we've been blessed and have made some great friends here already and are having a great time exploring and enjoying all that Tampa has to offer. We managed to rent our house in Jacksonville, which was a great relief given the cruddy real estate market that we tried in vain to sell it in when we first moved out.

We've had family and friends visit us here since the move and that's been very nice and we hope to see lots more of you all in the coming months. Yes, we have a guest room if you want to come and see us!

Steve is enjoying his new job with Tampa General Hospital and although it brings a new set of challenges and demands, I think I can speak for him when I say he is truly enjoying the career move and is happy with his decision to move from healthcare financial consulting to being part of a hospital's leadership team.

Vivienne and I having a blast together and there is so much for us to enjoy each day. She likes to recite all the activities we enjoy each week and talk about her day and all the fun we've had. Yes, she's a big talker - just like her mama! She's also beginning potty training and, after a small period of time where she didn't want to try to use the potty, she's making progress.

I've been participating in two exercise programs: Stroller Strides (I can bring Vivienne along in the stroller for this one) and a women's bootcamp that I go to alone. Ah, blessed alone time! I thought it would be hard to feel motivated to go to the bootcamp because I have to get up very early to go, but I am loving it so much that I hate missing it (like on rain days like today!).

This spring was the spring of babies! Steve and I had no less than 3 nieces arrive within a two-month span. Lucky Vivienne now has three more girl cousins to grow up with and we are all just thrilled! Erika was born to Deborah & Kenneth on April 6th, then the very next day, April 7th, Corah was born to Mark & Aja, then last - but not least - Mayim was born to Helene & Adam on May 18th.

We've planned a trip to Treasure Island, FL with Marylee, Deborah, Kenneth, Julia & Baby Erika this summer and we're all very excited about spending some time with family at the beach.

I'll be heading to Chapel Hill, NC in August to attend a baby naming ceremony for my youngest niece, Mayim. I'm looking forward to celebrating with my sister, Helene, and her family as we welcome yet another baby girl to the family.

Steve and I are planning to travel to Portland, OR next summer to visit with Mark, Aja and Corah. I think Vivienne will be old enough at that point to endure the long flight out there - crossing my fingers on that one anyway! But whatever happens on the plane, stays on the plane. At least, that's my theory at this point!

Well, that's enough for now. Time to go out to the garage and switch over another load of laundry! : )

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