ƒ The Harris Family: October 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Gotta love them Gators!

Steve and I had a fantastic time at the UF v. LSU game last weekend - I swear it was like watching a completely different team than we'd seen the previous weekend in Fayetteville, AR.  I was surprised that I had enough energy to stay for the whole game but the temperatures have improved greatly since the last home game I went to (against Miami) and the game was so exciting that the thought to go home before it was all done didn't cross my mind.  We also got to visit with Steve's mom, Marylee, and my parents, Rachel & Roger, which rounded out the weekend nicely.

I've got a new job starting tomorrow - I know, I can hardly believe it either.  I certainly wasn't looking for work (its only been two weeks since I left my former job and I was enjoying the time off!) but here I am.  I'm working for a consulting firm on a part-time basis and my first assignment is to work with a local, publicly-held company and assist them with their SEC reporting needs, amongst other things.  Crossing my fingers that I won't regret this move and end up feeling over-extended.  If it does end up being a good fit, it'll be a nice way to earn some more $ before Vivienne arrives - either way, I'll get some experience with consulting and it should give me an idea of whether or not I'll want to pursue consulting opportunities at some point in the future. Wish me luck!

Steve's busy, busy time slows down this week (yeah!) and I know he's feeling a mix of worry now that his project deadline is approaching and relief that he won't have to work quite as many hours for a little while.  This weekend should be good for him and he's off to visit friends in St. Augustine while I entertain my best friend, Kelly, and we plan the baby shower she'll be hosting for me sometime in January or February of next year (not exactly fun stuff for guys, so he'll be heading for the hills).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little girl is on her way!

We just found out last week that we've got a little girl coming our way.  I had suspected as much, but didn't put too much faith in my opinion, since I know lots of women who swore they were having a baby boy, only to find out it was a girl or vice versa.  We held off on spending too much time trying to pick names prior to finding out the gender of our baby - just to cut down on the amount of work involved in selecting two names instead of just one and I thought it'd take us a really long time to come up with a name, but surprisingly it didn't!  We have chosen Vivienne Elise - Viv, or Vivi for short.  Steve balked a little when he realized the names were French (I don't understand this lingering resentment against the French!) but when I explained that my name is Greek and his is German and neither one of us is a descendant of Greece or Germany, he gave up the argument against French names (whew! we'd have been back at the drawing board and I wasn't too excited about that idea).

So far all is going extremely well, both with the baby and my pregnancy.  I am hoping that I'll continue the trend of being one of the "lucky ones" and cruise through the rest of the pregnancy as I have to date.  We're at week 18 now - almost halfway!

Steve is quite busy with work and is putting in a lot of late nights this week, but I'm trying to do all I can to support him and giving him lots of encouragement.  Hopefully, this busy time will pass and we'll be back to a more "normal" schedule again soon.

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