ƒ The Harris Family: January 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're in the single digits now

Well, as of last Sunday, we're 9 weeks out from Vivienne's due date and I can hardly believe she'll be arriving so soon. Steve and I managed to get the nursery furniture assembled and in place during the holidays and its starting to come together now. I'll post photos once the bedding arrives and its all "prettied up." Steve and I went on a babymoon just before Christmas (google it if you've not heard of the term before) to Charleston, S.C. and had a wonderful time just being together, exploring the city and eating some fantastic low-country cuisine. We spent Christmas Day in Gainesville with Steve's family and it was great fun to watch our niece, Julia, open her presents. She's not quite old enough to grasp the whole concept of Christmas just yet (she's only turned one at the end of November) but she did like opening her presents. Eliora, my sister Helene's daughter, experienced her first Hannukah and you can see a photo on their family blog at: http://teamsinger.blogspot.com/ - no posts just yet, but I am sure they are forthcoming soon. Vivienne's other cousin, Skyler, (my older sister Pam's son) was up for a visit just before Steve and I left for S.C. and Pam, Skyler and I spent a fantastic day together at the Jacksonville Zoo. Skyler is 7 years old now and he is quite the accomplished motorcross rider! He rode his bike at the Ocala motorcross track and even "caught some air" - as much as I know he's enjoying himself, it does make me glad to be having a girl because I am sure my hair would all turn gray from worry if I had a little boy who was as adventurous as Skyler is!

I wrote a while back that the consulting work I had been doing had "dried up" but its back on again and I am working part-time through the end of January so I am feeling stretched thin for time again these days, but am managing thus far and keep reminding myself that (as long as Vivienne doesn't arrive early like her cousin, Eliora, did) I'll have all of February and a week into March to wrap up any loose ends of household projects I want to accomplish pre-baby. Wish me luck!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2009 and I'll keep you posted on our family as things happen!

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