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Monday, May 18, 2009

Vivienne is two months old tomorrow - time is flying!

I can hardly believe Vivienne will be two months old tomorrow - where does the time go? Well, I guess I can just chalk it up to the old saying "time flies when you're having fun" because we've definitely been having a great time with our new little one. Of course, there are those challenging moments too - when you're up in the middle of the night pleading with your baby to go back to sleep already, and when you're stripping the baby down for a full-body wipe down due to a BM blowout that gets all over baby, her clothes, whatever she was sitting on when she did her business, and the changing table cover too! So, as you might guess, laundry has been one of the things keeping me busy during my days at home with baby Viv. : )

We've had lots of visits from family and friends and there is so much work to do (both for Steve at KPMG and for me at home) that the days and weeks slide by effortlessly.

Steve's family (Marylee (Mom), Deborah (Sister), Kenneth (BIL), Julia (Niece), and Alan (Brother)) came up earlier this month, and it was especially nice to see Marylee with her two granddaughters on her lap at once. Julia is such a sweet little girl and Deborah has been showing her our pictures since she was a little baby to make sure she knows who we are when she sees us (a couple of months can pass during certain times of the year (read, when the Gators aren't playing football and the holidays have passed) which is very nice. I plan to do the same with Vivienne so she knows the faces and names of our family members and can recognize them even if it's been a while since she's seen them last.

My parents, Rachel and Roger, came up for a visit on a Saturday and spent the night with us. Steve and Roger went to The Players Championship while my mom and I went to the Avonlea Antiques Mall (I got Vivienne a little Beatrix Potter book while we were there - I'm going to try to collect them all for her) and just hung out at home with baby Viv. We had a nice dinner at home that evening and opened one of the bottles of wine we'd received from my cousin, Meri, and her husband, Jim, when we got married (we're saving them for special occasions) to celebrate the birth of Vivienne and it was delicious!

My first Mother's Day was fantastic! Steve and Vivienne bought me a huge bouquet of pink and white lilies (they smell so good!) and a very nice silver locket that I'd been eyeing for some time, gave me a sweet card and took me out for brunch at my favorite restaurant, Biscotti's.

We are looking forward to Vivienne's baptism on June 28th, and I am especially excited that my sister, Helene, and her family are coming to stay that weekend with us. Helene and her daughter, Eliora (she's almost 6 mo. old now!) will stay on with Steve and I for a couple of days into the next week so we can have some time together, just the two (really 4!) of us. One of the nicest things about my experience as a SAHM thus far is that Helene is also a SAHM and we can talk to one another several times a week - yeah for sisters! I'm also looking forward to Vivienne's baptism because it'll be the first time that my other sister, Pam, will get to meet both Vivienne and Eliora. I am hoping Pam will bring her son, Skyler (he's 7.5 years old), along but am not sure how interested he'll be in getting up so early to go to church and attend a baptism . . . but who knows, maybe he'll be excited to meet his new cousins and see his aunts . . . we'll just have to wait and see.

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